A study into Campbelltown’s koala population undertaken across the LGA has revealed that Campbelltown’s koala population has steadily increased in recent years, with an estimate of an almost 50 per cent increase in population size since 2012.

Mayor George Brticevic said The Koala Occupancy and Population Assessment would be the catalyst for a longer-term comprehensive plan to further monitor the health and movements of the koala population.

“This study has given us the most comprehensive understanding of our local koala numbers and location to date,” he said.

This data will enable Council to better plan and monitor proactive measures that will preserve koalas and address challenges to koala health such as habitat conservation, protection from fire, disease prevention, vehicle strikes and dog attacks.

“Campbelltown is fortunate to have a healthy, disease free and growing koala population and this data will be valuable in helping us better understand their movements and take actions that will help mitigate threats to their health,” Cr Btricevic said.

The program involved more than 12 months collaboration between Council, rural landowners across Campbelltown and Dr Steve Phillips from BioLink Ecological Consultants.

It was a key action under Campbelltown Council’s Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management and will help to inform a long-term monitoring program involving researches, wildlife carers and the community that will be important in protecting our koalas going forward.