Following the results of the referendum, Shadow Treasurer and Member for Hume Angus Taylor has called on the Government to shift its focus to helping families struggling with the rising cost of living and bringing down inflation.

“On Saturday Australians made it clear to the Prime Minister that he has the wrong priorities,” Mr Taylor said.

“The people of Hume have spoken, with around 74 per cent so far rejecting the Prime Minister’s divisive proposal.”

Mr Taylor maintains that he wants to see a united Australia, not a divided Australia.

“While we may hold differences of opinion, it’s important these opinions don’t diminish our love for our country or our regard for each other,” he said.

“We all want to see Indigenous disadvantage addressed in order to close the gap.”

Mr Taylor said that the Coalition is once again committing to a Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse in Indigenous Communities and an audit into spending on Indigenous programs so the money is spent where it’s needed.

“We also need a focus on boosting law and order, increasing school attendance and building employment in remote communities,” he said.

“This will help all Australians.”

In Macarthur, the count isn’t much better with 65.2 per cent giving the referendum the thumbs down and only 34.8 per cent voting yes.

Taking to social media, Member for Macarthur Dr Mike Freelander said that whilst it wasn’t the result he was hoping for, he respected the people’s verdict.

“I accept that more should have been done to deliver a stronger Yes vote in Macarthur and I am sorry we didn’t get the result we hoped for,” he said.

“It’s time now for our country to find other ways and means to help close the gaps that Indigenous Australians face.”

Back in Parliament this week, Dr Freelander said that he will continue to advocate for all members of our community, our needs and the issues that we face.