NSW Liberals are again under scrutiny for their disregard of the Western and South Western Sydney regions – this time by stripping workers compensation protections.

On Wednesday the 24th of November, the Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2021, which repeals Section 19B of the Workers Compensation Act and removes a critical safety net for workers, passed through the Legislative Assembly by one vote, despite being opposed by Labor and crossbench MP’s.

Though the Bill is still to be debated in the upper house, many are concerned of its potential to further alienate workers in Western and South Western Sydney, following the harsh and discriminatory lockdowns.

Shadow Minister for Western Sydney and Member for Campbelltown, Greg Warren MP, said this Bill would be adding insult to injury for working families in the West and South West.

“It has never been more obvious that this government has one set of rules for the west and another set for the rest,” Mr Warren said.

NSW Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations, Work Health and Safety, Sophie Cotsis said that this is a fundamental betrayal of the workers who literally put their lives on the line for us during the pandemic and who continue to do so.

“We are all aware how much the NSW Liberals value West and South Western Sydney; that was never more evident that when the NSW Liberals ignored the advice of the Chief Health Officer and created a two-tiered city,” Ms Cotsis said.

“Now they have pushed through legislation that aims to remove protection for workers – like those on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.”

“This is simply rubbing salt on an already weeping wound,” Mr Warren said.

–  Cassidy Pearce