Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters to Macquarie Fields State Member Anoulack Chanthivong who is hosting another community forum this week.

“Mental health is an important issue that needs to be discussed more in our local community”, he said.

One in five young Australians experience mental health problems. “And the concerning part is that it is growing”, Sandra MacDonald, Founder of Beautiful Minds, said.

“I would like it if at everybody’s dinner table you can talk openly about not how you’re just feeling physically but how you’re feeling mentally, and that’s an accepted conversation”.

However Ashley Concepcion felt that there are still a lot of young people too afraid of what other people will think of them if they openly talk about this problem.

“Especially men. I can’t stress that enough. The stigma is there and I really implore young people, people in general, it doesn’t matter how old you are, to talk to someone if you feel that whatever it is that you’re feeling is not healthy,” she said.