NBN Co is rolling out full-fibre broadband to 13,000 premises in the Walker Appin communities, offering the fastest residential speeds available.

This follows a multi-million-dollar partnership between Walker Corporation and NBN Co, one of the nation’s largest for a single housing development.

According to Andrew Walsh, NBN Co’s Executive General Manager for New Developments, this upgrade will enable residents to use more devices simultaneously, enjoy faster uploads and downloads, experience higher-definition streaming, and improve online gaming performance with fewer interruptions.

“We are also exploring how our full fibre technology can go beyond just homes and businesses by connecting to eligible smart infrastructure, which would help the community to keep track of community events, spikes in pollen levels, bushfire emergency information and even wildlife alerts,” Mr Walsh said.

The full fibre infrastructure will bring significant benefits, including enhanced social equity, productivity, and economic growth for the community and the broader Macarthur region.

“It will also connect our adjoining high tech business park to the fastest broadband speeds which will bring thousands of professional jobs for residents to live and work locally,” said Walker Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer David Gallant.

The fibre rollout is scheduled to begin in 2025.

This digital infrastructure deal comes just weeks after another multi-million-dollar partnership was signed between Walker Corporation, Sydney Water and coNEXA to fast-track water and recycled wastewater infrastructure to the new Appin development.

Photograph: An artist impression showing Appin’s future retail centre