Wollondilly Shire’s Mayor Matt Gould and his Council are advocating for Wollondilly as the perfect new home for the Australian Turf Club if Rosehill Racecourse is indeed relocated for housing purposes.

“We believe that our proposal offers a win-win solution for the community, the equine industry, and the broader goals of economic and sustainable development in NSW,” Mr Gould said.

With discussions ongoing regarding the redevelopment of Rosehill Gardens for potentially 25,000 homes, the Council is reaching out to both the Premier and the ATC to investigate the feasibility and advantages of a move to Wollondilly.

Mr Gould emphasized that such a transition aligns with the Council’s strategic vision for economic and community development, presenting a significant opportunity for job creation and supporting broader regional objectives.

“The Wollondilly Shire represents an opportunity for the Australian Turf Club to not only find a new home but to be part of a visionary project that supports the equine industry, enhances our rural character, and contributes to solving the housing crisis in Greater Sydney,” he said.

Mr Gould highlighted Wollondilly’s rich heritage in rural and equine industries, suggesting that relocating to the region would enhance this sector, leveraging synergies with existing institutions like the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute and the University of Sydney’s agricultural programs.

He further explained that the proposal reflects their commitment to safeguarding and improving rural lands, presenting a model for sustainable development that honors environmental assets and rural character.

“While Wollondilly is already contributing to regional housing supply through developments in Wilton and Appin, the relocation of the ATC would enable a fresh approach to housing, focusing on where it is most needed and ensuring that new communities are well-integrated with local infrastructure and services,” Mr Gould added.