While the impact of the Labor budget is still being hotly debated on every street corner, the residents of Werriwa have reason to rejoice!

The Albanese Government has committed $6 million to create a link between Aviation Road and Middleton Drive to ease congestions in the fast-growing suburbs of Austral and Middleton Grange.

“This was a promise I took to the last election, and I am proud to be part of a government that delivers on our promises,” said Member for Werriwa

Anne Stanley MP.

Residents have complained that Austral and Middleton Grange developments have not been adequately supported by proper road infrastructure and they have been feeling the effects with increased travel times and congestion.

“Werriwa deserves proper investment in our road infrastructure, and we finally have a government that recognises how important it is to invest in the communities of South-West Sydney,” Ms Stanley said.

Ms Stanley is also thrilled that the October Budget has committed to building a new Headspace centre in Edmondson Park, another promise she took to the last election.

There is little doubt that with South-Western Sydney developing rapidly, residents need access to vital services and resources especially during difficult times.

The new Headspace centre in Werriwa will provide support to young people in the area of mental health and will be easily accessible by public transport or car.

“The past few years have been tough, especially for our young people, and it is important that we support them when they are going through difficult times. Mental Health is a growing concern and should be given the resources it deserves,” Ms Stanley said.