Greg Warren is “absolutely thrilled” that the NSW Bus Taskforce is coming to Campbelltown on the 15th of March to take on board community feedback on the local bus services.

For years now, the Member for Campbelltown has been campaigning for increased bus service coverage particularly around growing areas such as Macarthur Heights.

Barely over a year ago following a meeting with the community, he even tabled a motion in the NSW Parliament calling on the Government “to explain why it has neglected the public transport needs of Macarthur Heights residents for so long”.

“I know how important public transport is, and how much we need reliable and effective bus services here in Campbelltown,” Mr Warren said.

He therefore urges the community to “engage with the Bus Taskforce, to work towards delivering the service that our community needs and deserves.”

The NSW Government has created a Bus Industry Taskforce to make recommendations to improve the reliability, quality and effectiveness of bus services across NSW. All the community feedback that the taskforce receives will be used to inform its recommendations when they are given to the government.

So here’s an opportunity for our feedback on local bus services not to go round and round as in the all-too-familiar toddler’s Wheels On The Bus song (and land up nowhere).

The focus areas of the taskforce are:

  • The service delivery and asset management models, including the contract and performance management framework, transparency in activities and the related capabilities required.
  • Service planning, including equity of services across the community, and related community engagement.
  • Infrastructure and technology that supports the effective delivery of bus services, including the transition to clean energy.
  • Arrangements relating to the employment of drivers, mechanics, and other key personnel other steps to improve performance including legislative amendments, regulatory changes, contractual or other related actions.
  • The adequacy of retrofitting seat belts on school buses in regional NSW over the past 10 years.
  • Consideration of expanding seat belts on buses to other areas of the State, and enforcement of seatbelt laws.
  • Whether any changes should be recommended to the Australian Design Rules for buses and coaches.
  • Bus and coach operator safety management systems, including driver training and fatigue management.
  • Whether any gaps or duplication in risk management of bus safety exist between the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Transport for NSW and bus operators.

“Now is the time for the community to have their voice heard,” Mr Warren said.

The forum will be held at Campbelltown RSL, 1 Carberry Lane Campbelltown between 10am and 12pm on Friday 15 March.

Register to attend at this link where online submissions are also open for those who cannot make it to the forum: