Seventeen women from diverse backgrounds were empowered to be agents of change as they graduated from the Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre’s CALD Women’s Leadership Program.

The program, funded by Multicultural NSW and SSI Innovation Fund, equipped these women with essential skills, leadership, advocacy tools, and invaluable mentorship for personal and professional growth. 

Congratulating the women, Minister for Multiculturalism Steve Kamper said that each of them had shown dedication, resilience and leadership throughout their journey to graduation.

“Your diverse backgrounds and experiences give you a special authority when challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers. You are agents of change within your communities. Your voices are powerful and must be used,” Mr Kamper said. 

The ceremony at NSW Parliament hosted by Member for Liverpool, Charishma Kaliyanda, also recognised mentors and organisations that contributed to the program’s success, underscoring the collective effort fostering growth and achievement.

Dr. Rawaa El Ayoubi, Founder & Director of Aspire Leadership Network, played a pivotal role in the program’s success, delivering empowering leadership workshops and providing invaluable mentorship to the graduates.

Nadia Bouchti, the program’s lead, urged the graduates to harness their newfound knowledge and skills for personal growth and community development.

“This graduation signifies not just an end but a new beginning for these empowered women,” said  Rola Hijwel, Chairperson, Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre (WSMRC).

The new graduates will now themselves be offering mentorship to women participating in another WSMRC program dedicated to assisting women who are entering the workforce for the first time in their lives or Australia.