The Camden Men’s Shed will no longer be a men’s shed without a shed.

Camden MP Sally Quinnell joined the volunteer Committee and some of its local members to mark an exciting milestone, taking delivery of a prefabricated shed kit and commencing construction of the new community facility.

“It’s absolutely fantastic news to hear that Camden Men’s Shed is up and running, and I’m thrilled to be here today to celebrate construction commencing,” Ms Quinnell said.

“Men’s Sheds are incredibly important for our community. They’re a fantastic opportunity for local men to have a chat with each other, whilst utilising the skills they’ve honed over many years, and they are an important space for dealing with men’s mental health.”

For over 12 years, the previous Camden Men’s Shed was a valuable community asset and a haven for men of all ages to connect and contribute.

Since its demise, owing to floods and an expired lease, the Committee has worked hard to find a new piece of land, negotiate a lease, arrange council approvals, and raise much needed funds to enable the construction of a new Shed on land made available by Carrington Centennial Care Ltd.

“We know that men don’t talk so much face to face as they do shoulder to shoulder; a point of connection is so important to prevent isolation, loneliness and social withdrawal,” said David Funnell, President of the Camden Men’s Shed.

“The Camden Men’s Shed will offer this while also serving the needs of the local community.”

The new Shed will provide all the amenities and workshop facilities of the old Shed. It will also offer a much-needed 40-seat meeting room, with adjoining kitchen and toilet facilities, available to other local community service groups.

The Camden Men’s Shed relies on community funding and grant programs to enable its construction.

The Committee has already raised over $180,000, but another $150,000 is still required to complete necessary facilities such as toilets, a kitchen and an adjacent car park.

Anyone willing to support the Shed can make contributions via the Committee’s Go Fund Me page: