Camden Council, in collaboration with Camden Civic Centre and the Alan Baker Art Gallery, have put on a wonderful evening suitable for all ages celebrating multiculturalism, fun and family in the Camden region.

Since September, the Civic Centre has hosted a monthly evening of multicultural art, entertainment and activities as part of an event called Cultural Fusion.

On Saturday night, the Centre hosted their second last Cultural Fusion night. January’s event was focused on bringing the vision of Cultural Fusion to kids through a Creative Kids Night.

Event organiser and curator, Zoe Wyeth, worked tirelessly to ensure the evening ran as smoothly as possible.

It was important to the curators that the concept of Cultural Fusion shone through at the event, and that people of all ages, especially young kids, were able to grasp what it was all about.

She said, “The original concept of Cultural Fusion was to recognise different cultures and diversities in the area. If you look at the program, we have really diverse people, we’re really trying to make inclusion such a priority.

“I think that really comes in with young children as well, getting that exposure in an area that might not be as multicultural as the cities are, getting them that exposure and that influence. It is a big priority… to recognise all of those diverse groups.”

The event also aimed to emphasise the importance of the role of local artists to the Camden community.

“We’ve curated this event to celebrate arts in Camden and to inspire kids to enjoy art… We are also really trying to foster local artists in the area,” Wyeth said.

“It’s a platform for them to be able to show their work, show their skills and have some exposure as well.”

The auditorium was full of interactive workshops where kids embraced this multicultural focus, immersing themselves in the variety of arts and crafts activities on offer.

Some of these activities included an East Asian Arts workshop run by talented local artist Jo Wong. Kids were mesmerised by her masterful crafting of cardboard into paper lanterns and were keen to try their hand.

Live artists Belle Mitchell and Natalie Simmons stunned passersby with their paintings, while Wiritjiribin Dance Group led by Tori Duckett honored the first peoples of the area in a traditional Indigenous dance and popular local duo The Honey Sippers supplied enchanting musical entertainment. On stage little ‘uns had a blast vigorously checking out the electronic drum kit before musos from Stormer Music took over.

But Bluey, Spiderman and Elsa were definitely the most popular attendees, and kids could not get enough of them.

There was a great emphasis on supporting local Camden businesses too, with fantastic market stalls selling a range of products from bonsai to coffin-shaped wooden book markers, and attendees were given the opportunity to enter into a giveaway to win a gift bag full of the local goodies.

Worried you missed out? There is still another chance! If this sounds like a night you would enjoy, you can visit this link for more information on February’s upcoming Cultural Fusion event:

The event is completely free and there is no booking required – just show up Saturday February the 24th and experience the magic for yourself!

–  Emily Kaine

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