A large sense of disappointment hovers over the Campbelltown and Macquarie Fields communities following the announcement of the 2022/23 state Budget.

“For the past twelve years, Campbelltown residents have been crying out for the Government to invest in our schools, roads and public transport, however, those calls have once again fell on deaf ears,” Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said.

He said that every Campbelltown resident had a right to feel disappointed as ultimately they would be left bearing the brunt of the Government’s decision not to invest in Campbelltown adequately.

“12 years in and we are headed towards $182 billion in debt, our AAA credit rating shredded and interest repayments which will grow at 24 per cent a year, every single year,” Mr Warren said.

Mr Warren’s budget lowlights include:

  • No plan to help families deal with the cost-of-living crisis that is engulfing this state;
  • No plan to help boost high quality local jobs in this state;
  • No plan to future proof the NSW education system;
  • No plan to reverse the Americanisation of the NSW economy; and
  • No plan to bring discipline and responsibility to the management of state finances.

“All we have seen from this Government is re-announcement after re-announcement of pre-existing commitments. No new investment in infrastructure projects for Campbelltown despite record growth in our community. The Government must stop with the talk and get on with the job,” Mr Warren said.

He points out that Campbelltown schools have once again missed out, with no new school announcement or support for existing schools despite education standards going backward and despite our chronic teacher shortage.

“The population of Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur region are exploding yet there is not $1 allocated towards planning or construction of new schools in Campbelltown,” Mr Warren said.

“The fight for a bus service in Macarthur Heights will also continue to drag on.”

“Money set aside for upgrades to Campbelltown Hospital is redundant unless adequate staff are hired to service patients. Our health system is in crisis. Emergency department waiting times at Campbelltown Hospital are among the worst in the state and that won’t get any better under this Government, while it refuses to provide funds for more staff.”

“Campbelltown has received a dud deal with Budgets in the past 12 years and unfortunately that trend does not seem to be changing.”

Member for Macquarie Fields Anoulack Chanthivong MP is clear that the 2022 Budget has failed to deliver for his electorate as well, pointing for starters to the long overdue accessibility upgrade at Macquarie Fields Station.

“Our community is repeatedly overlooked when it comes to fair access to railway stations. How much longer must our community wait? I’ve been fighting for a lift at Macquarie Fields Station since first elected in 2015 and I won’t give up,” Chanthivong said.

“It is unacceptable and grossly unfair that people with disability, the frail and elderly and people with prams or luggage are unable to use Macquarie Fields Station due to the Liberal Government’s neglect.”

Mr Chanthivong said funding for the construction of Edmondson Park primary and high schools was welcome but long overdue. The primary school is due to open its doors in 2023, yet for many children it will be too late.

“Parents moved to Edmondson Park years ago and are frustrated that their children will miss out on the new primary school and are still waiting for a high school. It’s simply not good enough,” he said.

Mr Chanthivong will be calling on planning for the high school to be fast-tracked so construction can start as a matter of priority.

“The NSW Liberal Government has consistently failed to deliver much-needed infrastructure to support our growing communities,” he said.

“All my community wants is a fair go and its fair share.”