Authors’ talks, an online photographic exhibition and a Mini-discoverers Museum tour are all part of Camden Council’s History Week celebrations starting this Friday.

Mayor of Camden, Cr Therese Fedeli, said History Week celebrations gave residents the chance to learn more about the area they live in.

“We are lucky enough to be living in an area with a great historical significance and it is important we respect and celebrate it,” Cr Fedeli said.

Hosted by Camden Area Family History Society, popular local author and historian Jeff McGill, will speak about the research behind his new book Rachel, the story of his pioneering great, great-grandmother Rachel Kennedy – a fascinating story of life in the Warrumbungles. Tuesday 6th Sept, 7:30pm, at Camden Museum.

Camden Historical Society is hosting a talk by author Kellee Cordina, the author of a book about local shopkeeper Ben Hodge and his association with Camden’s businesses and the construction of Camden hospital. Wednesday 14th Sept, 7:30pm, at Camden Museum.

For History Week, Camden Libraries will host an online photographic exhibition titled Hands-on History – Building Camden’s Town through to Sunday 11 September.

Camden has a strong history of hard work. The local pioneers built the community with their ‘hands-on approach’ to their own daily measures to make ends meet as well as working together to create a better place for all to live. The village of Camden was built on land designated for the purpose by John Macarthur’s sons.  The exhibition highlights the stories of some residents and their endeavours from the 1850s to post World War 2 and how they built up business and trade in Camden.

Camden Museum in partnership with Camden Library is presenting a History Week themed pre-school story time on 6 September at 11 am including a Mini-discoverers Museum tour. Bookings are essential and can be made through the library website.

For more information and to view the online exhibition, go to

Photo: CHS 0928, Red Cross Fundraising. Red Cross ladies holding a street stall in Argyle Street Camden. One has a spinning wheel and a mock hut at the roadside