In response to the evolving Delta outbreak, the NSW Government has extended the current lockdown in Greater Sydney until the end of September. Campbelltown and 11 other LGAs of concern have been subjected to tougher lockdown rules in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 in south west and western Sydney.

This has left the community feeling confused, annoyed, singled out and indeed let down once again by the NSW Government.

“The outbreak may have started in the eastern suburbs of Sydney but Western and South Western Sydney seems to have unjustifiably copped the brunt of the blame,” said Member for Campbelltown Greg Warren.

“Many of us are incensed with the extension of lockdown restrictions and the introduction of a curfew.”

Member for Macquarie Fields Anoulack Chanthivong believes that the rest of Sydney which is full of good and fair people will look at these new restrictions and recognise the fundamental unfairness for people in western and south-west Sydney.

“The Premier has already said that when anyone anywhere leaves the house, they should assume they have COVID. So why are the people of western and south-west Sydney the only ones being asked to endure a curfew and the harsher restrictions?” Mr Chanthivong asks.

Referring to it as ‘Government-by-postcode’, Federal Member for Macarthur Dr Mike Freelander strongly feels that the Government’s poor standard of applying entirely different sets of rules to different suburbs does nothing to promote clarity, in our handling of this outbreak.

“Having partial curfews in some areas of our city, and not in others, is going to be extremely difficult to police and only confuses the broader message,” Dr Freelander said.

“It sends the wrong message; a divisive message.”

Dr Freelander points out that we desperately need consistent policies to manage the pandemic that are not designed to pit people against one another.

“We need greater transparency at all levels of Government. We should not be having politicians divide us, but rather we should be solely guided by the Health advice,” he said.

Mr Warren feels that if there had been better communication with our region’s residents from the NSW Government, the level of angst, frustration and anger would be much, much lower than what it is right now.

“We also know that the resources, support and decisive action required from the NSW Government to curb the spread in our region has not been forthcoming,” he said.

“The curfews and restrictions the government have put in place are reactive but what we really need is a long-term approach to see us through the other side of this current situation.”

All three Members thanked the vast majority of our local community who have sought to, and continue to, do the right thing.

As Mr Warren said, “We are doing our bit in Western and South Western Sydney to curb the spread – it’s time the NSW Government did likewise.”