The community always comes out in strength to support the 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Macarthur and this year’s main event was no exception.

From the familiars like Burke’s Backyard and Walking for Woodsie to Star Wars characters, Pete the Pineapple and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, almost 80 teams did the laps at Campbelltown Stadium last weekend to add to the $5 million that this home grown charity has raised over the past 19 years to better cancer facilities at Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals. Young Alyssa and her Healing Steps Team took out the Rolling Trophy for best participation this year. As always the main stage kept the day alive with entertainers from Macarthur School of Rock, Oz Funland, Rebecca’s Dance Academy, Vocalise, the Samoan AOG… and of course Aquafit’s Zumba session for all!

Asked why they come out to do it year after year, chairperson Warren Morrison said, “The whole committee are volunteers and everyone knows that every dollar raised in Macarthur stays in Macarthur and goes directly to the hospitals”.

By the evening’s sombre Reflection Ceremony, those who weren’t already family were drawn into what has become one huge extended, warm, welcoming network looking forward to doing something special to celebrate the charity’s twentieth year in 2024.