If you run a local business and marketing often feels akin to solving a complex puzzle, with crucial pieces sometimes missing, the Marketing and Planning workshop could be for you!

In today’s dynamic marketplace, staying abreast of the evolving marketing landscape is paramount to engaging both new and existing clientele and this workshop is tailored to assist in effectively promoting products or services.

It will be presented by Graham Fitzpatrick, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in sales, business administration, marketing, and strategic planning. Graham’s expertise has catalyzed the growth of numerous businesses, aligning their strategies with market demands.

Throughout this workshop, participants will gain insights into:

  • Identifying and reaching the right customer base
  • Highlighting your unique selling points
  • Crafting compelling elevator pitches and calls to action
  • Enhancing conversion rates
  • Overcoming common objections
  • Increasing visibility
  • Determining the most suitable social media platforms for your business
  • Creating captivating content
  • Emphasizing strategy before tactics and execution
  • Crafting comprehensive marketing and sales plans tailored to your target market.

Business Connect and Service NSW will also be available to talk about the free business advice that can be accessed through the NSW Business Connect program.

The Marketing and Planning workshop is on Thursday 2 May, 2024 from 3.30 to 5.30pm at Campbelltown STC,  presented by Campbelltown City Council in collaboration with Business Connect and Service NSW.

Register to attend at https://www.campbelltown.nsw.gov.au/Whats-On/Marketing-Planning-Workshop