With the appointment of Miguel Limson as the new Football Technical Director for their women’s program, things are certainly looking up for the girls at the South West Sydney Blues.

The local Campbelltown Aussie Rules club, formed in 2021 as the result of a merger between the South West Sydney Magpies and the Campbelltown Blues, has undergone some exciting developments approaching the close of 2023.

While the men’s program has had great success since the club’s inception with their men’s Platinum side winning the last two premierships, their women’s side has struggled to see the same success.

A fresh three-year plan in place and Limson’s appointment should change things for the better.

Mr Limson has vast experience coaching women’s AFL across various divisions and has been involved with the women’s game for seven years. He also started the first ever women’s team at the Parramatta Goannas.

Prior to his new coaching appointment at the Blues, Mr Limson coached the Women’s Premier Division at the UTS Bats to a second place result in the 2023 season, winning an Outstanding Leadership award this year for his efforts.

In his new role, he hopes to deliver on the club’s mission towards developing South West Sydney Blues into a pathway for women’s footy in southwest Sydney.

“The ultimate goal is to make the club the number 1 destination for women’s footy in the southwest region,” Mr Limson said.

He believes growing a strong culture is the first step in achieving this end goal. He said, “We need to establish a culture that gives the program its own identity and then everything else will naturally fall into place.”

Mr Limson and the Blues believe women living in the local area should not need to travel so far to play for teams that have Premier divisions.

Their three-year plan aims to deliver on bringing high level Aussie rules to girls in the southwest, removing this barrier to access for local girls and women.

“The league knows itself that this region deserves a women’s Premier Division team,” Mr Limson said.

The club aims to field a Division 1 team for the 2024 season and project that the women’s program will have a Premier Division side in three years.

Emily Kaine