Migrants, refugees and diverse communities across Macarthur can look forward to greater support moving forward.

The NSW Government and the Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre officially opened a new Campbelltown office yesterday with much community fanfare and much beautifully mint-flavoured Moroccan tea.

“I know that it will become much more than just a physical building, it will be much much more than that,” said Minister for Multiculturalism Steve Kamper, speaking on the occasion.

“It will be a vibrant community hub, a place where emerging communities can find support, guidance and a sense of belonging.”

Mr Kamper added that WS MRC can be particularly proud of the bridges t has built between different communities, helping to create a more vibrant and harmonious society.

He announced the winners of a community competition to name the centre’s two new community rooms, Lyrebird (after the Dharawal totem) and Yama (meaning welcome) – but not before a selfie with the function’s lively compere Nadia.

The Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre plays a crucial role in the settlement and integration of refugees and humanitarian migrants by offering vital resources, guidance and a strong support network to those who are rebuilding their lives.

From settlement support and employment programs, to youth programs and aged services, the Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre assists in addressing the multifaceted needs of refugees and migrants.

Mayor of Campbelltown Dr George Greiss said that Council is proud to work with organisations such as Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre to provide a fit future for new residents and will continue to do so as long as possible.

“Our city has been made better by having such diversity and it’s getting better and better every day as we welcome new communities,” Dr Greiss said.

Member for Campbelltown Greg Warren said that this centre will provide vital support as the Macarthur region keeps growing.

“The programs run by the Western Sydney Migrant Resource centre are outstanding and the support that they provide is so valuable in our community,” Mr Warren said.

Before expanding to Campbelltown, the centre provided community outreach and support to new, established and emerging communities in the Liverpool region.

“Our expansion into Campbelltown is a direct recognition of the growing need for supports and services in the Macarthur region,” Western Sydney MRC Acting CEO Mohan Gunasekara said.

“I’m proud to be leading an organisation that has its heart in the community and works to empower some of our newest residents to settle and thrive.”

An air of warm welcome enveloped the function. Uncles Larry and Pat welcomed us to country with a poignant yarn. And as for the Moraccan tea, or Atay, it is not merely a beverage, it is a symbol of the hospitality, warmth and friendship that lies at the very soul of the Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre.