Better Homes and Gardens’ Graham Ross is set to serve as Camden’s Australia Day Ambassador in 2022. As part of the role, the acclaimed horticulturalist will welcome new citizens and give out Australia Day awards at Council’s invite-only ceremony at Camden Civic Centre.

Ross says that he is honoured to be in Camden for his 20th year as an ambassador.

“I recognise Camden has a special place in our nation with a 50,000-year history, a legendary role in the founding of Australia and an active contemporary role today but retaining much of the rural lifestyle we appreciate,” Mr Ross said.

“Being Australian is an exciting opportunity to celebrate our country’s achievements and live a lifestyle unique in the world, discuss our future potential especially with our youth, learn more about our First Nations people and experience the benefits of a cosmopolitan community that is Australia today”.

Council is in the process of putting together an exciting program of events to commemorate Australia Day, including a community event at Camden Town Farm, and they say that Ross’ presence will be a fitting addition to the celebrations.

“It’s incredible to have Mr Ross as Camden’s Australia Day Ambassador for 2022,” a Council spokesperson said. “We have had some truly fantastic Ambassadors in the past, people that really embody what it means to be Australian, and Mr Ross is no exception”.

– Cassidy Pearce