As Campbelltown’s multicultural community continues to grow, so will the desire of these diverse groups to remember historic times or cultural heritage with appropriate monuments and memorials around the LGA.

Till Friday 15 March, local residents can now have their say on Council’s draft Memorial and Monuments in Public Open Space Policy.

Council, at its meeting on 12 December 2023, voted to rescind the current Memorials and Monuments on Council Open Space Policy and endorse the new draft Memorials and Monuments in Public Open Space Policy.

“Monuments and memorials are important sites that often carry great meaning to people in the community,” Mayor Dr George Greiss said.

“The changes to this policy will ensure applications for new memorials or monuments are better considered with the community’s interest in mind while ensuring their upkeep over time.”

The amended policy aims to give clarity to anyone applying for a monument or memorial on space owned by Council. This provides an improved application process to ensure  all the community can use and enjoy the beautiful Council spaces.

The policy will also ensure the ongoing maintenance of fixed memorials or monuments after they are built.

Full details on the draft policy are available at

Photograph: Uncle Ivan Wellington at the Murray Rangitoenga TuiatuaFa’anofonofo Wongi Thomas Pergola in Minto that is begging for some maintenance