In a heartwarming initiative aimed at providing comfort and support to children impacted by epilepsy, Mekong recently donated $9,000 to Epilepsy Action Australia’s Ted-E-Bear Connection program, just ahead of Purple Day.

This contribution aids children and families in Western Sydney coping with epilepsy by providing essential resources and emotional support.

Purple Day, observed globally on March 26th, aims to raise epilepsy awareness and debunk misconceptions.

Despite affecting 1 in 150 Australians, epilepsy remains widely misunderstood.

“Recognising the physical, emotional and social burden of epilepsy, Epilepsy Action Australia exists to improve the lives of the 250,000 Australian children and adults with epilepsy, their families, health professionals, and the broader community,” said Carol Ireland, the CEO from Epilepsy Action Australia.

Annually, Epilepsy Action Australia receives more than 4,000 new referrals from Australians with epilepsy seeking help, and its team of Epilepsy Nurses assists over 1,700 individuals who phone the National Epilepsy Line for advice.

Studies show around one-third of children with epilepsy will suffer anxiety and up to 25% have depression which means they can also end up socially isolated and lonely.

“Mekong is proud to have supported Epilepsy Action Australia’s Ted-E-Bear Connection program, offering comfort and hope to children in our local area impacted by epilepsy,” said Mounties Group President, John Dean.

The grant from Mekong ensures the continuity of the Ted-E-Bear Connection program, offering comforting teddy bears, personalized letters, and ongoing support to affected families. This initiative not only alleviates anxiety but also enhances education and provides crucial safety guidance.

For more information on Epilepsy Action Australia visit or phone 1300 37 45 37.