Woolworths Camden celebrated its storewide re-launch in style and with a blast from the past.

Recently retired employee of over 20 years, Ruth King, returned to cut the ribbon and the cake on the day.

Ms King said that she felt honoured when she received the phone call.

“I was rather honoured to be able to do that,” she said. “Walking into the store and seeing what had been done, all I can say is that they have done an excellent job.”

Teresa Nair, store manager of Woolworths Camden said that King was the obvious choice for the ribbon cutting.

“I feel that she is the iconic figure of Woolworths Camden,” Ms Nair said. “It was my choice to decide who I wanted to cut the ribbon, and I am proud of my decision.”

Employed first as a stacker, and then made Woolworths Camden’s night fill manager, Ruth King has been a loyal employee to the company for over two decades. Ms Nair said that she was never provided with a farewell after her retirement and saw this as a fitting opportunity.

“Ruth had been on my mind because she had retired just last year. But because of COVID, we couldn’t have a farewell for her,” Ms Nair said. “So, I thought it would be best to make her a part of this new Woolworths.”

Ms King’s family have been dedicated members of the Camden community since they first arrived from England in 1853.

“They came out from England to be farmers,” said Ms King. “I believe they purchased their first bit of land from Elizabeth MacArthur around 1888.”

Since retirement, Ruth King spends her time with her son and daughter and has recently joined the Camden Historical Society.

Woolworths Camden has been the first in the Macarthur region to implement Scan&Go as a way for customers to track their spending while in the shopping aisles.

“It gives the customer’s time back,” Ms Nair says. “When you think about the times when you come in store during a busy period, you’ll no longer have to queue up.”

Scan&Go is also a more environmentally friendly way to shop.

“They don’t have to print dockets,” Ms Nair says. “You can have them electronically put into your Everyday Rewards card.”

Other energy efficient technologies had been implemented into Woolworths Camden through its 18 weeks of renewal. The new refrigerators are sustainable and energy saving.

The interior layout of the store has a whole new look with a refurbished bakery, deli and seafood area. Woolworths Camden has also introduced Direct to Boot & Pickup, which saves time for customers.

Ms Nair said that the re-launch was a special occasion for the community after the COVID-19 pandemic and the two floods over the last few years.

“My store has been through two floods and obviously, everyone knows about the pandemic as well,” she said. “So for all the community’s patience, I give them a brand-new look at Woolworths Camden.”

–  Brianna Voulgaris

Teresa Nair, store manager of Woolworths Camden, delighted with the new look

A large well-stocked fruit and veggie department