It wasn’t the wicked witch with the awful cackle who destroyed Halloween in The Cascades, but two young vandals with a knife.

For 13 years now, the Iskandars have been bringing joy to local families with their elaborate Halloween and Christmas front yard displays, painstakingly planned and executed with interesting detail.

“We’ve been doing this ever since we moved into the area and it’s just wonderful to see all the smiles on the children’s faces,” Mike Iskandar said.

Mr Iskandar and his family even dress up to greet their visitors who come from far and near to be photographed against their front yard wonderland.

But yesterday, just as the last few visitors were enjoying themselves, two young vandals rushed in and slashed the inflatables with a knife.

As the Iskandars ran to save their display, the vandals punched at them, foully abused them and ran off, only to be identified by other locals as well known trouble makers from a neighbouring school.

Fearing for their safety the Iskandars called 000.

“But we were told by the police who came that even though the vandals were armed with a knife, and had been identified, there was nothing they could do as they were under age”, Mr Iskandar said.

“So frustrating. We really feel unsafe now.”

Social media instantly went crazy with messages of support for the distraught family:

Rianne Hamilton: “I know my nieces loved your decorations and we thank you for putting the effort in this year to give kids an enjoyable night it’s disgusting that teenagers have to go around and ruin that for little kids.”

Melanie Davis: “This is so horrible to hear, my son loved seeing this family’s display and everyone else’s display. They put in such an amazing effort even at Christmastime. I hope the family is on here and see how much it is appreciated and absolutely loved by the kiddies.”

Crizie Palma-Tan: “It was sad indeed. He always puts effort even on Christmas. May his spirit not be dampened by nasty people.”

The family are overwhelmed by all these kind words of support, and Yvonne Iskandar replied, “Thanks so much for your lovely words. We had such a great afternoon until these guys did what they did.”

The last word though must go to Sarah Solotwa who said on socials, “I hope karma bites them in the arse one day and makes them understand people work hard for what they have.”