Campbelltown Hospital has had a large reduction in overdue planned surgeries as part of a statewide 85% slash since the NSW Government’s Surgical Care Governance Taskforce was first established in March 2023.

Member for Campbelltown Greg Warren said, “I’m really proud Campbelltown Hospital has had a major reduction in overdue surgeries, it’s a real testament to the workforce here and I am proud no one in our community is waiting longer than they need to for healthcare.”

According to the most recent report from the Bureau of Health Information Healthcare Quarterly, 83.6% of planned surgeries in NSW public hospitals were performed on time during the October to December quarter of 2023.

Among the 59,422 planned surgeries conducted during this period, 99.5% of urgent cases were completed on schedule.

The Taskforce’s success can be attributed in part to expanding the scope of same-day surgeries, which now include procedures like hernia repair, gallbladder removal, tonsil removal, deviated septum surgery, and sinus surgery.

“Our healthcare system has been under incredible pressure in recent years, but we are committed to ensuring our public health services deliver the best possible health services for the community,” NSW Premier Chris Minns said during a morning visit to an overnight surgery ward here.

The taskforce, established in the early days of the NSW Labor Government, has seen over 12,000 less people waiting for an overdue procedure, “an achievement to be proud of and a testament to the taskforce’s commitment and effort to ensure the health system bounces back from the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Minister for Health Ryan Park said.

This Taskforce is one of several initiatives by the NSW Government to alleviate pressure on hospitals, including the establishment of 25 urgent care services across the state, enabling pharmacists to prescribe certain medications, promoting virtual care, and facilitating doctors in regional health districts to work in both GP and hospital capacities.

Additionally, the government is bolstering the healthcare workforce by implementing safe staffing levels and converting 1,112 temporary nursing positions into permanent roles.