Delivering his inaugural speech in NSW Parliament last week, Nathan Hagarty, the Member for Leppington, passionately declared that Leppington should no longer be considered fringe.

“For too long, Leppington has been taken for granted. Another neglected corner of someone else’s electorate. Fringe no longer, we now have our own electorate and Member of Parliament, I intend not to waste that opportunity,” Mr Hagarty said.

Speaking on his motivations and aspirations as the first ever Member for Leppington, Mr. Hagarty focussed on the issues facing the rapidly growing electorate including health, education and infrastructure. He also outlined the important role of government in improving the lives of its citizens.

“When governments work well, however, they ensure that regardless of your background, circumstances or structural barriers, with a bit of opportunity and some hard work, you’re able to fulfil your potential.

“I believe that Governments can and should be a force for good. That it should provide an opportunity for our best and brightest to get ahead,” he said.

Mr. Hagarty then thanked the electorate of Leppington for putting their trust in him to deliver for their community.

“Thank you, Leppington. The people, businesses, associations and organisations; the sporting clubs, the churches, mosques, temples and gurudwaras.

“You have entrusted me with an immense privilege. To work with you as your representative and advocate as we build the amazing community of Leppington together,” he said.