After the Camden area was devastated by four floods in just five months in 2022, a number of its bridges were significantly damaged.

With Little Sandy Bridge and the surrounding riverbank, each flooding event worsened the riverbank erosion, causing the current bridge to be unviable and a new design necessary.

Now, the repair of this popular footbridge which connects Camden and Elderslie over the Nepean River is progressing, following Camden Council’s acceptance of nearly $2.5 million in funding, jointly provided by the Australian and NSW Governments.

“We know how important Little Sandy Bridge is as a pedestrian walkway and cycleway for our residents,” Mayor of Camden Ashleigh Cagney said.

“We were devastated by the impact of the floods on this significant connection in our area and that’s why we’re committed to repairing the bridge and ensuring it is resistant to floods moving forward.”

This funding will enable the Council to progress with the design and construction of the project, which includes repairing and improving path access on Little Sandy Bridge and reinforcing the embankments to withstand future flood events.

The design phase is slated for completion in late 2024, with construction quotations expected by the end of the same year.

Accepted by Cr Cagney in December during Council’s recess period, the funding was granted from the Community Assets Program, administered by the Department of Regional NSW which awarded $70 million to successful applicants for the repair, restoration or betterment of community infrastructure that was damaged by the February and June 2022 floods.