Lyn Bullman and Andrew McGlinchy were honoured by Campbelltown MP Greg Warren with NSW Government Community Service Awards for their incredible contributions within the Campbelltown community.

“There is absolutely no doubt that both Lyn and Andrew deserve this prestigious accolade,” Mr Warren said.

“Their determination to help others has never wavered and there are many people throughout Campbelltown who have benefited as a result.”

As a member of the Claymore Residents Group, Mrs Bullman was front and centre in holding the government to account for the redevelopment that has occurred in the suburb.

“Lyn took on the role of the voice for the Claymore community and her willingness to do so certainly led to positive change,” Mr Warren said.

As the former head of the Airds-Bradbury Mens Shed, Mr McGlinchy helped coordinate a number of projects that benefited many people in the community.

“I remember calling Andrew when WILMA Women’s Health Centre were in need of a lawn mower,” Mr Warren recalled.

“Predictably Andrew and the team at the Airds-Bradbury Mens Shed came to the rescue and promptly.”

“That is just the type of selfless and dedicated people that Lyn and Andrew are!”

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren with Eagle Vale resident Lyn Bullman

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren with Bradbury resident Andrew McGlinchy