Ciara Harris hardly put out her distress call when she got a reply from the “most unexpected person”.

Her cat had just brought a freshly killed rat and deposited his trophy in the middle of her living room.

“The f**ker was massive!” she said.

And the big problem was that the single mum, originally from Dublin, isn’t quite used to the local Wollondilly wildlife as yet and is “terrified of rats”.

Within minutes of her post on Facebook asking for help to essentially get the rat out of her home, Ciara received a reply from local Mayor Matt Gould.

He soon arrived, removed the offending rodent without a fuss and went on his way in a few moments, leaving behind a delighted constituent (and a not so delighted cat we suspect).

“He was so nice, friendly and bubbly,” Ms Harris said. “I mean, how many Mayors would go out of their way to do this?”

Sharon Robertson