“I’m fair dinkum not copping this!” retorted Greg Warren to Minister for Western Sydney David Elliott’s statement in Parliament that Western Sydney has “never had it so good”.

Indeed Mr Warren, who is NSW Shadow Minister for Western Sydney and Member for Campbelltown, is voicing the frustration and anger of those who call West and South West Sydney home.

“The reality for families in West and South West Sydney on a daily basis is a choice between a privatised congested toll road or turning up to a train station where they can’t get a car park to catch a train that’s either late, cancelled or overcrowded,” Mr Warren said in the Legislative Assembly.

Mr Warren said it was impossible to understand the difficulties being faced by those in the region without speaking to directly those are affected. He therefore urged NSW Liberal MPs to leave the confines of Sydney and experience first-hand the unique and various challenges facing these residents.

“At Campbelltown Hospital taxpayer money was ultimately used to build a car park for the private sector to profit from,” he said.

“Patients, staff and carers when they go to the hospital have to pay.”

Speaking in the Parliament of NSW recently, Mr Warren said various decisions such as rising tolls and COVID-19 lockdowns, as well as other factors such as the increase in the cost of living, had left many of the region’s residents struggling to keep their heads above water.

He extended an open invitation to all members of the government to join him and speak with residents through West and South West Sydney.

“When you visit the region and speak to its residents, you can’t help but admire West and South West Sydney,” Mr Warren said.

“I have been lucky enough to call South West Sydney home for the best part of three decades.

“I knew from day one this is where I wanted to live and raise my family.

“Hundreds of thousands of other residents throughout the region simply want to do the same thing – but that’s become increasingly harder achieve over the past 12 years.”