From Monday 27 November, Campbelltown Council has implemented a new streamlined approach to issuing penalty notices for parking infringements.

As part of the new ‘Print and Post’ system, penalty infringement notices will be sent to people in the mail instead of being left on car windshields.

Rangers will be equipped with handheld devices that record the details of the offence as well as any relevant images, which is then uploaded to Revenue NSW.

The following day Revenue NSW will create the penalty notice and send to the recipient within 2 to 3 days.

This is similar to the process currently used by Revenue NSW for the issuing of fixed camera speeding fines or other infringement notices such as mobile phone detection.

The handheld devices will note whether a vehicle has already been issued a penalty notice on the same day at the same location for the same offence to avoid duplication.

The notices will also include more information on the actions available to people following the receipt of a notice.