The NSW Labor Government is investing a record $769 million investment to build 100 new public preschools across NSW, including six in Campbelltown and five in Leppington.

Co-locating public preschools with existing schools will ensure children are ready for kindergarten and will assist busy working families with cost-of-living pressures, help avoid the double drop off, and make the transition to school as seamless as possible.

“Allowing more families to access high quality, early childhood public education will help children in Campbelltown and NSW get the best start in life,” said Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Early Learning and Member for Campbelltown Greg Warren.

The new public preschools to be built in Campbelltown are Blairmount Public School, Bradbury Public School, Leumeah Public School, Ruse Public School, Thomas Acres Public School and Woodlands Road Public School.

“This is more than an investment in schools, but an investment in our children’s futures and the future of Leppington,” Member for Leppington, Nathan Hagarty said.

Across Leppington the NSW Government have committed to building co-located public preschools at Eschol Park Public School, Greenway Park Public School, Kearns Public School, Leppington Public School and Robert Townson Public School.

The public preschools will improve access for families across NSW, with sites selected by a NSW Department of Education Panel, overseen by an independent chair and probity advisor, based on rigorous assessment criteria which considered educational need, child development and socioeconomic data, preschool demand, infrastructure feasibility and insights gained through consultation.

This is part of the NSW Labor Government’s historic investment in early childhood education, which includes a $60 million commitment to build and upgrade 50 preschools on non-government school sites in areas of greatest educational need.

The NSW Government has also committed up to $29.4 million to expand the number of early childhood workers in NSW through a scholarship program, which has seen a record number of applications. The Government has also provided $17 million to support capital works for early childhood services in areas of need.