Jack Conroy is looking forward to climbing Mount Kosciuszko next week. He isn’t really too worried that his disabilities are going to make the task more daunting.

“This will be a huge challenge for me, but I’m excited to give it my best,” Jack says.

“I have an intellectual disability, autism, and a physical disability, but none of this is going to stop me making it to the TOP!”

His mum Karen Witherspoon says, “It’s also International Day of People with disability when we go. For me it highlights what is possible if given the right support and opportunities.”

Jack and his mum are doing the 22km Kosciuszko challenge to help raise funds and create awareness for a group that the 18 year old enjoys attending, Everyone Can Dance, a dancing charity celebrating all abilities.

“Jack just loves his weekly dance lessons and performing in the annual musical,” Ms Witherspoon said.

“ECD is a charity that gives so much to the participants and their families and it’s our opportunity to give back for all the amazing work they do in the community.”

For now, Jack is training thrice a week, working with his physiotherapist twice a week, swimming for an hour each week and competing in his first ever year of senior athletics.

Walking and practising with hills and climbing uneven surfaces often present him with physical challenges but he’s sweating on patiently.

“We want to highlight his ABILITY and how when people believe in you anything is possible,” Ms Witherspoon said.

Jack will be accompanied on his Kosciuszko challenge by his mum and 20 other ECD buddies and supporters.

You can support the challenge here: https://www.facebook.com/jacksECDKoziChallenge/

–  Sharon Robertson