The NSW Government is enhancing the safety and security of places of worship through the Safe Places for Faith Communities Program.

In Leppington, St Rafqa’s Maronite Catholic Parish received $22,940 for Project Protect, and Al-Saeed Educational and Welfare Trust was granted $48,000 for a security infrastructure upgrade.

This program is part of a broader $15 million commitment over four years, developed with input from faith groups and Multicultural NSW’s Community Resilience and Response Plan (COMPLAN) Committee. It aims to bolster safety through prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery measures.

NSW Minister for Multiculturalism Steve Kamper emphasized the importance of feeling safe in places of worship, while Member for Leppington Nathan Hagarty highlighted the lasting positive impacts of this investment on Leppington’s faith communities.

“The people who live here in Leppington have shown their commitment to their faiths and we’re proud to be committing to their safety too,” Mr Hagarty said.