Repair work is set to commence soon on addressing the prolonged damage to an embankment along Remembrance Driveway, Razorback.

The objective is to facilitate the reopening of the second southbound lane near the hill’s summit.

This initiative is part of the current Council’s endeavors to tackle a backlog of remediation projects in the Wollondilly Shire, and Mayor of Wollondilly Matt Gould said, “I’m delighted that we can finally see the Remembrance Driveway, Razorback landslip and rockfall repaired, which will allow for the concrete barriers to be removed.”

Cr Gould said that Wollondilly had suffered significant damage during the flooding events of the last few years including Barkers Lodge Road at Picton, Cobbitty Bridge, Cobbitty, Old Razorback Road, Razorback and Big Hill Road, The Oaks.

“It’s great to see we are making progress on fixing these landslips, with these roads now repaired and open to traffic once more,” he added.

The Remembrance Driveway restoration project involves rectifying the historical rockfall site that led to the closure of the lane in 2010.

The comprehensive approach includes embankment regrading, drainage enhancement, geotechnical stabilization, and the installation of rock bolts and rockfall mesh.

Engineers will assess the road’s condition, and based on their findings, there may be an opportunity to remove concrete barriers.

The completion of this project is anticipated to fortify the embankment, reducing the risk of future damage.

The timeline for the project is estimated at approximately six months. It is co-funded by the NSW Disaster Recovery Fund as part of a bulk grant for damage caused effecting roads in the severe weather and flooding of February 2022.

Council is also investigating options to address the landslip on the Camden side of Razorback near the Finns Road roundabout, with a view to reopening the climbing lane and removing the barriers in future.