RecycleSmart set out to make recycling your problem waste is as easy as ordering an Uber!

And now Camden residents will have the benefit of easily disposing of those tricky items lying around the house, thanks to a partnership Camden Council has forged with this innovative waste management company.

All you have to do is bag up your items, book a collection and leave the bags on your doorstep on collection day.

RecycleSmart collects almost 100 different items including:

  • Soft plastics – any plastic that can be scrunched including biscuit packaging, bread bags, bubble wrap, chocolate wrappers and citrus netting bags;
  • E-Waste – items that use electricity including keyboards, laptops, digital and video cameras, irons, kettles and mobile phones;
  • Clothes – in reusable condition including bags, belts, dresses, jackets, jeans, shoes and slippers; and
  • Misfits – other household recyclable waste including aluminium coffee capsules, household batteries, white polystyrene, printer cartridges, x-ray films, toys and takeaway coffee cups.

Almost 400 residents in the Camden area have already signed up to RecycleSmart and have diverted more than seven tonnes of recyclable waste from landfill.

“In just over six months, our residents have diverted over seven tonnes of tricky-to-recycle items – particularly soft plastics, clothing and misfits – that are otherwise not accepted in the yellow recycling bin by using the RecycleSmart service,” Mayor of Camden, Cr Therese Fedeli said.

“20 per cent of what goes in our household bins can be recycled. RecycleSmart is a fantastic initiative and solution to making recycling easier for our residents.”

For more information on how to “take small, smart steps in the right direction to start recycling” with RecycleSmart, visit