Motorists in South-West Sydney have welcomed the NSW Government’s demerit point return trial as they can now reap the rewards of their safe driving.

“Earning the removal of a demerit point can mean a lot, especially to motorists who rely on their cars to drive the kids to school or to get to work,” Member for Campbelltown Greg Warren said.

Dubbing this “the carrot of reward for good behaviour”, Minister for Roads, John Graham said, ““If you drive for a living then the reward for safe driving could be the difference between ongoing employment and losing your livelihood.”

Data broken down by local government area (LGA) shows 22,353 drivers in the Campbelltown LGA have seen a demerit point removed from their licence for maintaining a 12-month spotless driving record.

Similar results have been seen for motorists in neighbouring LGAs, with 18,699 in Camden, 35,233 in Liverpool, and 26,966 in Fairfield, all reaping the rewards of the Minns Labor Government’s trial.

“By extending this trial, we’re ensuring that our community in Leppington continues to benefit from safer roads and the rewards of responsible driving,” Member for Leppington, Nathan Hagarty said.

More than 1.2 million drivers qualified for the demerit point reward for maintaining a clear record during the initial 12-month period up to 16 January 2024.

The demerit return trial has been extended for a second year as the NSW Government continues to sharpen its focus on road safety in 2024 amid a rising road toll.

“The overwhelming majority of motorists in the Liverpool electorate rely on their cars for jobs and transport. This trial keeps safe motorists behind the wheel,” Member for Liverpool, Charishma Kaliyanda said.

Photographs: (top) Member for Campbelltown Greg Warren, NSW Minister for Roads John Graham, Member for Camden Sally Quinnell; (bottom) Members for Leppington & Liverpool Nathan Hagarty & Charisma Kaliyanda