Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said Campbelltown residents had every reason to feel bitterly disappointed following the release of the 2021/22 NSW budget.

Not one cent was allocated towards education or public transport projects while the funds for the Spring Farm Parkway will only be used for planning.

“The funding for Spring Farm Parkway was only for planning so it means we will have to wait at least another year to see meaningful progress on that vital project,” Mr Warren said.

The Berejiklian Government also did not commit a single dollar of state government funds towards the much needed upgrade of the notorious Appin Road, rather relying on $4 million of federal funds for cosmetic works.

“It looks like motorists and native wildlife will be forced to run the Appin Road gauntlet for another 12 months given not one dollar of actual state government funds was allocated towards the much needed upgrades of that notorious stretch of road,” Mr Warren said

Following fierce advocacy by the Campbelltown State Member and larger community, Mr Warren is pleased that $500,000 would be allocated for the new Shepherd Centre in Campbelltown.

However, while more funds were allocated for the upgrade of Campbelltown Hospital, Mr Warren is frustrated no funds were set aside for more staff, resources or support.

“We all know the problems at Campbelltown Hospital stem from a lack of staff, not a lack of buildings. Yet there were no funds allocated to actually address those staffing level concerns,” he said.

“This was predictably another disappointing state budget for the people of Campbelltown who have been let down time and time again by the NSW Liberals.”