Driving from Wollongong to Mackay in far Queensland in a car worth under $1000 (aka a shitbox) on some rather formidable roads, the Stapleton family raised over $8000 for cancer research.

They were Team Roadrunner, part of the annual Shitbox Car Rally in May in which 550 participants raised in access of 2.2 million for the Cancer Council of Australia.

And now they’re getting ready to do it all again next May – from Newcastle to Townsville via Betooa!

The Shitbox Car Rally is billed not as a race, rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable… and certainly not for everyone.

Those who don’t like to get their hands dirty or spend any time away from civilisation need not apply,” the organisers say.

This rally is for those who want to have an adventure, have fun, who crave something different, who want to make new life long friends, take part in something memorable, but most importantly, it is for those who want to raise much needed money for charity.

Jodie Stapleton remembers lots of challenges en route but lots of fun too.

“Like the time we were going through a mud patch and the roof racks broke on all four points and they had to jockey strap the roof basket on and through the inside of car,” she said

There also have dress up challenges along the way to spice things up.

“The cheerleading day was the best because it was pretty funny seeing everyone especially men in cheerleader outfits,” Ms Stapleton laughed.

Ms Stapleton’s granddad and other family members died from cancer as did team member Pete’s mum.

“I suppose being a nurse I see patients with cancer and we need to find a cure and stop people dying from the awful disease. That’s why we are so motivated to fundraise for Cancer Research,” she said.

Team Roadrunner is currently looking for sponsors for the next Shitbox Rally and details are available on their Facebook page.

–  Sharon Robertson