This week, little Caden finally wore a hat to school, thanks to The Wiggles!

“The 7-year-old has Down Syndrome and Alopecia and absolutely no one could get him to wear a hat EVER!” said family friend Sharon Robertson.

A few weeks ago, Ms Robertson thought she would try again. She approached Donna at Lids Narellan to make a special hat for the little boy.

Donna found a nice soft fabric and since Caden loves McDonalds’ soft serves, she even personalised the blue hat with an ice cream cone on the side.

“But no go even then. He simply kept flinging the hat all over the shop without putting it on,” Ms Roberston said.

At her wits end, Ms Robertson had a brain wave. She “asked a huge favour” of her friend Tami to reach out to a friend among The Wiggles for help.

“I didn’t really know what would come of it because I had just seen on TV that The Wiggles were on a massive tour of New South Wales, doing show after show every day,” Ms Robertson said.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when almost immediately a video came back from Wiggles HQ.

“Hello Cayden”, Yellow Wiggle Tsehay and Red Wiggle Simon began, “it’s so good to see you”.

Simon then explained that because it was really sunny outside, he was going to wear his very special hat for protection, before putting it on and doing the famous wiggly sign off that has thrilled millions of children the world over through three decades.

“Caden watched the video and quicker than any of us expected, he put his hat on for the first time ever and walked into school with it. First time ever!” Ms Robertson said.

“We honestly expected it to take weeks but that it happened the bvery next day was nothing short of a miracle.”

Days later, the little boy’s mum Lisa Butterworth still tears up when she thinks of what happened.

“It’s so beautiful, every time I think about the video, my eyes fill up,” she said.

Both the ladies are “eternally grateful” to The Wiggles for taking the time between back to back shows to make the video.

And now, Caden is in for another treat: local girl and Bravery Buddies ambassador Kyla Hodges who herself has Alopecia, is gifting him his very own Bravery Buddy next week.