A number of issues famously continue to plague commuters across the Sydney trains network, including here in Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur region, on a daily basis, including late services and the quality of carriages.

One of the biggest issues still impacting commuters was the former NSW Liberal Government’s decision to axe direct train services from Campbelltown to Parramatta.

The good news is that the Minns Labor Government has announced one of its first orders of business – a comprehensive and independent rail infrastructure and systems review.

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said the review would examine all these issues and more.

“Campbelltown is certainly not immune from the many issues plaguing the Sydney trains network,” Mr Warren said.

“I’m proud that a Minns Labor Government has prioritised this election commitment for an independent review; I’m sure all Campbelltown commuters agree this is long overdue.”

There were a number of major transport failures in the past three months alone on the Sydney trains network including:

  • The failure of the Digital Train Radio System (8 March), which brought the whole network to a standstill during the afternoon peak period;
  • The Panania Catenary Wire break (10 March), which saw 500 people stuck on a train for 90 minutes, halted traffic on this section and caused delays across the broader network;
  • The multiple signal failures in the Strathfield area (25 March), which brought the network in that section to a standstill, and caused delays across the network that afternoon and evening.

The inquiry, conducted by National Transport Commission Chair, Carolyn Walsh, will make recommendations as to how to implement rapid and durable solutions and reforms to address these issues.

Transport Minister Jo Haylen said this review was crucial to addressing and repairing the significant issues faced by the rail network.

“After 12 years of neglect from the former Liberal government, passengers have faced shutdowns, cancellations and delays across the network and on time running is the worst it has been since the pandemic,” Ms Haylen said.

“Passengers have been left on platforms, and the people who run our transport system are frustrated because they haven’t been listened to.

“The new Minns Labor government is going ahead with this review of our heavy rail infrastructure and systems, so services and reliability for passengers can be improved as soon as possible.”