A brand-new Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been installed at Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, Cobbitty, thanks to the generous donation from Graeme Chivers of Wave Learning. Open to all in need of emergency CPR or facing sudden cardiac arrest, this lifesaving equipment epitomizes community care and preparedness.

Presented the AED to church warden Raôul Corry, Member for Camden Sally Quinnell emphasised its critical role in safeguarding lives.

“The installation of this new AED marks another step forward in our community’s efforts to prioritize health and safety. It’s a practical measure that underscores our commitment to ensuring rapid response to cardiac emergencies,” Ms Quinnell said.

Highlighting the indispensability of AEDs, Ms Quinnell stressed the importance of public access, acknowledging that the unpredictability of life underscores the necessity for such life-saving resources. In her words, these devices are not just tools but lifelines, ensuring that assistance is within reach when every second counts.