A Minns Labor Government will, if elected in March, introduce a $60 weekly cap on tolls to ease the burden on Sydney motorists – particularly those in the West and South-West.

The toll relief package is expected to save a truck driver who does two trips a day, five days per week, a total of $3,800.

The cap would be on top of the existing toll rebate and M5 cashback schemes and would commence on January 1, 2024. Any tolls charged above the cap would be refunded on a quarterly basis.

Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Greg Warren MP, said this was a big win for residents and small businesses in West and South-West Sydney.

“For the past 12 years, the NSW Liberals have taken and taken from West and South-West Sydney but given very little back,” he said.

“The excessive tolls placed on the regions residents has had a dire impact on the budget of many households and businesses.”

Labor will also slash tolls for tradespeople and truck drivers on the M5 East and M8 Motorway by a third.

Currently truck and other vehicle including oversized utes pay up to three times the rate of cars.

Labor will reduce the three times truck multiplier to two times for up to 10 truck trips per week.

Labor candidate for Leppington, Nathan Hagarty joined Chris Minns and members of the Labor team at Carnes Hill to announce the party’s policy on toll relief.

“Whether it’s residents going to and from work on the M7 or M4, or going into the city on the M8 or M5 East, local families are having to fork out the big bucks just to go anywhere in Sydney,” Mr Hagarty said.

Carnes Hill couple, James and Lisa Rayner said the policy will make a massive difference to the family budget.

“This will make a difference to so many families in this area. We are shift workers at the airport and forced to use the tolls each and every day,” they said.

“With the cost of living going up, this is a huge help and $1000s will go back into the family budget each year.”