The annual Community Satisfaction Survey results for Wollondilly Shire Council reveal high resident satisfaction with the Wollondilly lifestyle, with 95% rating their quality of life as good or excellent.

Satisfaction with the Council’s performance has also increased significantly, with 81% of residents satisfied, up 9% from 2023. Additionally, 78% of residents are satisfied with the elected Councillors, an increase from 73% in 2023.

The survey, conducted by Micromex Research in February 2024, identifies roads, facilities (including schools, hospitals, and supermarkets), and infrastructure to support population growth as top priorities for residents. The rural lifestyle, peacefulness, and sense of community are the most valued aspects of living in Wollondilly Shire.

Mayor of Wollondilly Matt Gould emphasised the Council’s commitment to listening to community feedback and improving services, particularly roads and infrastructure.

“Over recent years we have been working hard to improve our services and we have made significant progress in improving Wollondilly’s infrastructure and facilities, in particular our roads,” Cr Gould said.

“These survey results are a great reflection on the progress made in the past year and the focus that has been placed on improving services and facilities for the community, right across the Shire.”

The Council aims to address population growth while protecting existing areas and improving customer service and communication. Gould congratulated Councillors, staff, and the community on the positive survey results and pledged continued efforts to maintain this progress.