Anyone who dropped by Alkalizer last Sunday morning for a masala chai and brekkie would have passed a small group of chanting people on their yoga mats under the trees, sharing positive energy and uplifting each other in a healing safe space.

Yimiworx has come to Campbelltown, a project of Yimiri, a not-for-profit organization, which champions ancient wisdom for contemporary living.

Each 60 minute module is packed with ancient wellness techniques designed for all ages and ability levels, to nurture, heal and energise.

The blurb is attractive in our hustle bustle world where chasing one’s tail is the all-too-common norm: “Calm your mind, find a sense of purpose & fulfilment and connect with the universe.”

Founders Aashish and Nim Golkar said that given their Indian heritage, it was only natural to initially turn to breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation to set off their module.

“But over time we want to include different indigenous techniques as well,” Aashish said.

“You know, you can learn so much from all the ancient civilizations. There are fantastic techniques from Egypt, and some of that beautiful, ethereal singing from the Celtics as well.

“So there’s a lot that we can do to leverage that knowledge, that wisdom, and improve our living today. With that in mind, we started a concept called Abundance Club.”

The Abundance Club has been running for 18 months now and fosters community among aspirational individuals, integrating ancient therapies like pranayama and mantra chanting with a health, wealth and happiness for all objective.

“It is about like-minded people coming together; those who have achieved what they want, but then want to contribute to society,” Nim said.

Yimiworx sessions will be offered free every fortnight to the Campbelltown community hosted by Shefali Pal’s Alkalizer café.

“What we are now looking for now is volunteers who we can train, who can keep the sessions running, completely voluntary,” Nim said, pointing out that Yimiworx certification and training are also being offered at no cost.

The next Yimiworx session is from 10am on Sunday 24 March in front of Alkalizer.